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Here we are to make again

your working life easier:

At our coworking space Valencia, we think it is important to connect to those around you and we encourage a creative coworking space for professionals to network. Our tables do not rotate, you are able to choose your table location and that will be only yours. This minimizes the amount of change and traffic in and out of the coworking space, enabling greater integration
opportunities and connection amongst our coworkers.

By providing a calm, secure, motivating and above all else, positive atmosphere, we are distinguished by being a friendly community which is not something other coworkings can offer. Over time, we have received great feedback and witnessed many friendships blossom and lots and lots of laughs. If you are looking for a place to feel comfortable and above all, a place to call your own, a desk in our coworking space Valencia is perfect for you.


Private Terrace

Welcome to the private terrace! A little sun trap throughout the day, this private terrace is the perfect place to step away from your desk and enjoy some fresh air. It’s the ideal place to sit down and catch up with colleagues, or just enjoy the beautiful blue skies.

Chill Out area with gaming console

Is there a better way to take a break than to have a short session on the gaming console? Or read a book on the sofa? relax and have a coffee? Or even a mini work-out?! Whichever you
prefer to do, Garage Coworking Valencia provides a coworking space to help balance the work/leisure ratio with a roomy chill out space to take your well earned breaks.

Abundance of natural light!

The coworking benefits from floor to ceiling windows, which flood the space with natural light throughout the day. Forget about feeling cooped up and sitting under a fluorescent spot light, in Garage Coworking we work with Vitamin D!

The Amenities

A coworking space that provides comfort and good vibes at your service

Private Terrace

Perfect place to take a break

Meeting Room

Where projects come to life


Like home away from home

Work Space

The place to be

The Old City

Work amongst history

Work Zone

Full of natural light

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on our services below:

A place to meet other professionals, offering networking opportunities with other hard working and positive nomads .

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Good vibes | Comfortable spaces | Secure location | Motivating atmospheres

  • 2m x 1m tables
  • Internet connection 600 MB/s – 120 Upload
  • Air conditioning/ Heating
  • Bright natural light all day
  • Electricity, water and cleaning services included
  • Large meeting room
  • Chill out area
  • Kitchen area
  • Spacious tables
  • Shelving units and cabinets
Motivating atmospheres
  • 24/7 Unlimited access
  • Networking opportunities
  • Dynamic community
  • Positive atmosphere
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