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In our coworking you can hire your Virtual Office in Valencia center service, in which you can use the coworking's fiscal address for your company. Ideal for new generation companies, we manage your parcels and notifications. With the Virtual Office you can rest assured.

Meeting room


hour (Tax not included)
  • Capacity 12 persons max.
  • Private access to the meeting room
  • Television 55 “
  • Blackboard 3 x 1,5m
  • Apple TV / On-Screen Streaming
  • Air conditioning / Heating
  • 1 GB/s Internet Connection
  • Without permanence
  • 24/7 Access
  • Cafeteria and kitchen equipment
  • Unlimited free meeting room
  • Brightest space in the coworking space

Virtual Office in ValenciaFiscal address and company address


monthly (Tax not included)
  • Business address
  • Reception of mail and parcels
  • Daily pass 15 €/day (VAT not included)
  • Meeting room 10 €/hour (VAT not included)
  • Without permanence

Training room / Events


to be consulted
  • Private access to training / event room
  • Television 55
  • Black glass whiteboard 3 x 1,5 m
  • Capacity 12-16 persons
  • Air Conditioning / Heating
  • 1 GB/s Internet connection
  • Without permanence
  • 24/7 Access
  • Cafeteria and kitchen equipment
  • Unlimited free meeting room
  • Brightest coworking space


What do we offer?

Discover the benefits of our Virtual Office in Valencia center. Imagine having all the benefits of a traditional office without the physical space constraints. Our Virtual Office solution is designed to provide you with a prestigious business address in the heart of Valencia, offering a professional image for your company.

With our Virtual Office services, you can enjoy mail handling and forwarding, ensuring that you never miss an important document. Impress your clients and partners with a prime business location, even if you're working remotely. Additionally, our telephone answering service ensures that your calls are professionally handled, creating a seamless experience for your business associates.

Rooftop Garage
Garage Coworking

Terrace and open air

We have a terrace where you can sunbathe and air ideas, where you can see the historic centre of Valencia and where we usually meet all coworkers with barbecue or paella included. A great place to team up and get to know everyone in the coworking space. At Garage Coworking Valencia we like to live well.

Coworker en un evento
Friends and partners


Dedication and motivation as the main improvements you will get in our coworking, a great atmosphere and a dynamic team that will make your day to day a fun and productive day at the same time.

Terraza con plantas
Outdoor spaces

Natural light

The whole space is full of windows and natural light all day long. So forget about feeling closed in, of having a white spotlight on you all day long. While you are in our coworking space you always have the sunshine of Valencia.

Terraza privada con un coworker trabajando
It's your office

Comfort and confidence

At Garage coworking valencia we give priority to the human factor because our intention is to promote synergies between members, so our tables do not rotate, you pay for a rental in which the table is only yours, with that we win that the teams rotate as little as possible in order to obtain greater integration and connection between those who make up the coworking.

Tranquility, security, motivation and above all good vibes, we are known for being a coworking much more familiar than the competition. Throughout our journey we have witnessed very interesting feedbacks, friendships and many laughs, so if you are looking for a place where you feel comfortable and above all feel as if it were yours, this is your space.

300 m2 coworkers
We can help you


We give you total confidence so that you can bring and enjoy Garage coworking valencia with whoever you want, because our intention is that you feel like in your own office.

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